• At the time of writing this, there are 2 x hardware wallet companies that we recommend (where you can safely store Bitcoin offline).
  • However, as we always state in the fast evolving landscape, please check and do your own research.
  • These hardware wallets are best in class in terms of heritage, pedigree and security.
  • They are the benchmark for other Bitcoin exchanges to follow.
  • There are more hardware wallets on the market and more in production with an empahsis on user experience and ease of use. These newer entrants will be snapping at the heals of the industry incumbants.
  • Both of these companies have a variety of hardware wallets that you can choose from. It takes some time to get used to the functionality of these hardware wallets, however after some usage and practice it becomes easier.
  • Like the best way to learn is through play, it is best to play with these hardware wallets. That way, you will really get to understand then. When we say play, we mean use them to really find out how to use them and very importantly recover them.