19th July 2023


Everything You Want To Know About Bitcoin (But Are Afraid To Ask). Questions and Answers About Bitcoin

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  • Digital download (Amazon Kindle eBook)

  • Paperback (black and white printed ISBN-13: 9798852862839)
  • Hardcover (colour printed ISBN-13: 9798852864031)

  • Audiobook (coming soon)
  • Limited edition copies (coming soon)
  • Special Limited edition signed copies (coming soon)


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Discover the intriguing world of Bitcoin, with "Everything You Want To Know About Bitcoin (But Are Afraid To Ask). Questions and Answers About Bitcoin". As we traverse an era of economic unpredictability, there's a financial game-changer breaking boundaries - Bitcoin. Despite its transformative power, understanding its intricacies can often feel like decrypting an enigma due to the dispersed and scattered information available.


This comprehensive guide is your reliable navigator through the labyrinth of Bitcoin, perfect for eager novices and seasoned investors alike. It unravels the complex layers of cryptocurrency, takes you through the pivotal infrastructure of blockchain, unveils the mechanics of Bitcoin mining, and much more.


"Everything You Want To Know About Bitcoin (But Are Afraid To Ask). Questions and Answers About Bitcoin" rises above the fray to address over 100 of the most probing questions about Bitcoin, offering both digestible and in-depth responses that cater to beginners and advanced enthusiasts. Your quest for answers ends here, within the groundbreaking chapters of this book.


  • What is the process of 'Halvening' and why is it significant?
  • Could the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto be more than one person?
  • What role could Bitcoin play in your investment portfolio?
  • How does it intersect with global economics and regulations?
  • What challenges could impede its future?


This enlightening guide promises to equip you with:


  • A profound comprehension of Bitcoin's mechanics and the underlying blockchain technology.
  • An objective perspective on Bitcoin's legal ramifications, potential rewards, and inherent risks.
  • Proficiency in buying, selling, and securely storing Bitcoin.
  • An insightful exploration into Bitcoin's influence on the global financial terrain and its prospects for future expansion.


Embark on your digital revolution today. Don't allow fear or confusion to cloud your understanding of Bitcoin.

Let "Everything You Want To Know About Bitcoin (But Are Afraid To Ask). Questions and Answers About Bitcoin" be your launchpad into the future of finance.




26th April 2023

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12th April 2023

Bitcoin live price added to BBCDSatoshi website


The live price of Bitcoin in USD and GBP has been added to the BBCDSatoshi website.

Click here to see the live price of Bitcoin.



17th March 2023

Bitcoin charts, graphs and other data


Now available are various charts, graphs and other data which are very useful. These are provided by third parties with a very good reputation. If you have a suggested chart, graph or piece of data to be included let us know.

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22nd February 2023

Book now available for free download in PDF format


Happy to announce that a free version of the book is now available to download in PDF format. Please navigate to the book section of the website and download directly to your device. ***Update as of 22nd March 2023; please note that this option is no longer available. However, if you would like a free copy of the book in PDF format, please use the contact form on the contact page by clicking here if you would like your own free PDF copy sent to you***



6th February 2023

Interview with BBCD Satoshi


Why did you write the book?

“The purpose of writing the book, and also setting up the accompanying website is to show and give confidence to someone looking to dip their toes into buying and or holding (hodling) Bitcoin. At a basic level, I wanted to impart the small amount of knowledge I had learned about Bitcoin which took me several years of reading and discovery. With the knowledge just in my head, that would be no good when I am no longer here! I was diagnosed with a type of cancer in 2022, and that was a wake up call to me. So, the idea of writing the book was a way of imparting knowledge in a non ephemeral, long lasting way. Maybe one day my son will read the book and either laugh or cry out of hope or despair. The other purpose was to help guide and sort the wheat from the chaff. This is to focus on quality products and services, rather than fly by night untrustworthy businesses. Another way of saying that would be to help people focus on the signal rather than the noise. Everything in the book is focused on Bitcoin, and I make a clear distinction between the meaning of Bitcoin versus Crypto. There is only one true cryptocurrency and that is Bitcoin. All other cryptocurrencies are known as crypto and they are not Bitcoin, in my opinion."


Who is the book aimed at?

“The book is aimed at someone with no knowledge of Bitcoin or someone with a little knowledge. It is also aimed at someone that is interested and curious how Bitcoin could be an investment for the long term. Someone looking for a catalyst or a primer to help them on their journey of learning about Bitcoin. Holding onto a volatile asset for 10 years is not easy. The book aims to focus on someone looking to have a plan and strategy to hold on to Bitcoin for 10 years, if not 20 years. As an example the Log Time Log Price model created by Harold Christopher Burger gets a thorough mention in the new book which is a fascinating graph/chart to look at when looking at Bitcoin on a long term perspective."


What is the purpose of the book?


"This comes back to the first question. The purpose of the book is to impart a few years of non programming, general Bitcoin knowledge to the reader, which can potentially give confidence to someone looking to buy and hold Bitcoin. It took me about 12 months to gain confidence before I eventually bought Bitcoin. The learning curve is steep. The issue with Bitcoin and buying some is trust. How can you trust the place or business where you are buying Bitcoin? This is central, because people have worked hard for their money and to just buy Bitcoin from an entity they have potentially never done business with is a risk. Especially when the item they are buying exists only within the digital realm, i.e something they can’t physically hold. Of course, the way that this can be held is with a physical hardware wallet, and your seed phrase either written down on paper or inscribed into metal. Getting back to trust, this is very important. We are starting to see some major household brands enter into the realm of Bitcoin. This is very important to give someone the confidence to invest. The two names that spring to mind are Fidelity and PayPal. The point I am making is that until major household brands enter and stay in the Bitcoin and Digital Asset space, trust will be in short supply. Trust can also be for the reader. How can the reader trust themselves that they will stick to their plan/strategy? How can they trust that they will keep their private key secure? How can they trust they won’t lose their seed/recovery phrase? In summary, I’d say that the purpose of the book is to help someone do their own research and find answers to their questions before buying Bitcoin. Ultimately to give them confidence to dip their toes into buying and or holding (hodling) Bitcoin. All with the caveat that one day, all their investment for whatever reason may have gone or disappeared.”



26th January 2023

New book released


The book "Buy Bitcoin, You'll Thank Yourself In The Future" has been released and is now available in these formats; Digital download (Amazon Kindle eBook), Paperback (black and white printed ISBN-13: 979-8367560077), Hardcover (colour printed ISBN-13: 979-8369690376). The book is available to purchase from AmazonAppleKoboBarnes & Noble and all other book shops.